Cookies Policy

Cookie Policy

Cookies are harmless bits of information that are unique to each individual who visits the website. They essentially remember who you so that every time you revisit the site it becomes more tailored to your preferences. Cookies are stored within the browser of the local computer, storing with them user information. Some cookies are more sophisticated than others. For example, some cookies may record web traffic, the length of time you spend on each web page, which pages you click on and even layout preferences if you make such changes. They gather and remember information about user likes and dislikes.

Cookies are discreet and do not collect personal information. However, there is now a law for all users to be given the option to enable or disable cookies on their internet settings browser. Without cookies, online browsing and shopping would be difficult and rather limited. Therefore disabling cookies may limit a user’s use of the site. Businesses and companies benefit from these cookies because gathering data about user browsing habits can be an effective means to improving websites more towards customer needs. However, once such statistical analyses are made, data is removed from the website.

Stationery World ltd’s cookie policy does not cover any other websites linked to their own.