Tombow Fudenosuke Brush Pens

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Tombow brush pens

Tombow’s latest range of Fudenosuke brush pens has taken the brush pen world by storm! Whether opting for a soft, hard or dual  tip each has an elastic brush tip making it the ideal choice for calligraphy, sketch notes, hand lettering, manga and more. With control at your fingertips you can make your writing thinner or thicker depending on how hard you press on the tip so you can vary and explore to your liking.

Both hard and soft brush pens come in a fade/water-resistant, odour-free black ink (those with smaller writing are better suited at using the hard tip).

The dual thin/thick brush tip pens can be used if your work requires a combination of both delicate precision and creative flexibility – these come in black/grey ink.

Tombow pen
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