POSCA marker pens

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POSCA Marker Pens

Uniball POSCA paint markers

8 tips
5 shapes
55 colours
(inc 8 metallics, 6 fluorescents & 8 glittering colours)

What’s there not to love! Uniball’s latest addition of POSCA odourless, water-based, pigment ink paint markers have landed and they are already proving a massive hit with all users, whether artists, creators, professionals, students or novices. This range has something for everyone’s drawing and writing needs: a tip for every expression and on every surface you could wish for – be it wood, fabric, textiles, skins, glass, ceramic, paper/cardboard, plastic, metals, minerals and canvas. Most POSCA tips are washable/replaceable and if a tip ever dries out with time, soak it in a glass of water to use it again.

You really are spoilt for choice and creation. Water-resistant and lightfast you won’t experience any spillages as the ink does not bleed through paper/card meaning you never have to worry. And with a whopping array of opaque, vibrant colours to pick from it’s time to treat yourself!

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soft brush tip, perfect for calligraphy & colouring – £6.25 now £5.25
PC-1MR: ultra fine tip for precision – £3.25 now £2.50
PC-1MC: extra fine tip, great for small designs – £3.75 now £2.75
PC-3M: standard bullet tip for all creations – £3.75 now £2.75
PC-5M: medium bullet tip for all design needs – £3.99 now £2.99
PC-7M: large bullet tip, handy for broader designs – £5.75 now £4.50
PC-8K: wide chisel tip, useful for covering bigger areas – £5.75 now £4.50
PC-17K: extra wide rectangular tip, ideal for flat backgrounds/colours – £7.50 now £5.99

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