Online Timeless Wood Fountain Pen

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Online Timeless Wood fountain pen

Truly Luxurious. ONLINE introduces the unique timeless wood fountain pen made of 45,000+ year old primeval Kauri wood.

Handcrafted bit by bit, a pen made with such intricacy and delicacy can only make it the perfect gift and a personal favourite by the ONLINE pen designers. Each pen is a unique collector’s item featuring gold and rhodium plated nib and comes equipped with a high-quality converter. The converter has an (ONLINE) “easy-change-system” meaning you can tailor the pen to your personal writing with different types of nibs for the ultimate writing pleasure.

Key features:

  • Refillable with standard ink cartridges possible
  • Elegant Wood present box – with certificate of authenticity
  • Dimension: 13.9 x 1.7 x 1.5 cm
  • Writing style: medium

A little history…before the beginning of the last ice age, deep in the dense forest of the Kauri Island (located on the northern island of New Zealand between the Tasmanian Sea and Pacific Ocean), lay something quite remarkable – nature had buried hundreds of trees beneath the surface of a peat swamp, preserving them carefully from the air under a flawlessly balanced cocoon. It is thanks to the unexplainable beauty of nature that this pen holds such exclusivity.