Moleskine wood pencil collection

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Moleskine wood pencil collection

Moleskine have just created 12 different ways to colourfully express yourself! With each tone of these beautiful 3mm tip watercolour pencils embodied with the iconic Moleskine design you can draw, sketch, paint and simply fill your creative desires with happiness and content. Each pencil is made from FSC certified natural cedar wood and has a square cross-section inspired grip making this an effortless instrument to use. Colour palette contains:

Pitch Black – hot asphalt
Woodnote Brown – natural tones
Maze Green – explore and get lost
Breathe Green – leafy, alive
Lift Blue – sketch up to the sky
Plunge Blue – the deepest ocean, the furthest star
Rave Purple – urban eccentric
Blush Pink – a rosy skyline sunset
Pulse Red – stop, think, feel
Glow Orange – tangerine sunbeams
Shine Yellow – bright popcorn ideas
Dazzle White – reflections