Moleskine drawing pencil set – 5 pieces

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Moleskine drawing pencil set of 5

A pencil for every kind of mood; Moleskine’s set of 5 graded graphite pencils presented in a premium metal box now range in 5 different intensities:

  • 6B Rumble – smooth and dark for thunderous shading and full lines
  • 4B Echo – softly smudged strokes that roll on and on
  • 2B Quiet please – discreet, hushed lines sketch out definite ideas
  • HB Respire – natural, for perfectly balanced impressions
  • H Chat – light and quick on the mark for sketches drawn on the go

Regardless of which mood you’re feeling one thing is for sure: each 3mm lead pencil will mark the page differently from the next, and all are unique in their doing. Each pencil has been designed with its user in mind with a square cross-section grip made from FSC certified natural cedar wood.