Leuchtturm Whitelines Link - a5, a6

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Leuchtturm Notebooks

Leuchtturm whitelines link – a5, a6

Introducing the first digital notebook of a kind, leucchtturm whitelines link is the must have book of today! Using Whitelines link technology, the classic rounded, black hardcover books are available in either lined or dotted pages embracing the old with the new – freehand mixed with smartphone app usage for fun and convenient results! Threadbounbd stitching also guarantees the book can open flat without pages becoming loose.

So how does it work?
Simply write, draw or sketch your piece of work and scan with the free Whitelines-Link® app to share with friends or to store digitally via different platforms such as dropbox, facebook, twitter, instagram etc. The pale grey paper with white lines/dots aid in guiding your work but they won’t show up once copied and scanned, making your work seem even more flawless. What’s more, Whitelines-Link® app perfectly orientate your work to ensure they are neither too light nor too dark.

Key features

  • A5 249 numbered pages
  • A6 185 numbered pages80 gsm acid free paper
  • 8 perforated and detachable sheets
  • Orange elastic band fastenerRibbon page marker
  • Contents table
  • Expandable gusseted back cover pocket
  • Spine and cover sticker for labelling and archiving

Compatibility The app works with all iPhones from model 4 and above, and most Android phones with Android version 5.x and above.

Notebook Size
A6: 9 x 15 cm (185 pages), A5: 14.5 x 21 cm (249 pages)
Dotted, Lined