BULLET. dotted a5 journal

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BULLET. dotted a5 journal

mark the past. log the present. plan the future

No more bits of torn paper and Post-It notes everywhere. No more doodling here and there. The BULLET journal has landed and is here to solve the chaos. No more will you be trying to piece together endless floating notes trying to make sense of it all! This is not simply another diary-style notebook in the market; this is a journal, a diary, a sketchbook and notebook in one that uses bullet points at the core! And I bet you never thought that dotted pages could be just as effective as blank ones? If not then now is the time to carry on reading…

Leuchtturm1917 introduces the latest available journal with logo embossing “Bullet Journal” marked across the middle of the hard-cover. An added personable touch with a card and booklet included provides you with a journey into its history and mission statement. Inside you will also find a detailed explanation of how the BULLET works.

Key features:

  • 80 gsm ink proof / acid-free paper
  • 5mm dots
  • 240 numbered pages
  • 8 perforated and detachable sheet
  • Expandable pocket in back cover
  • 3 page blank index
  • 3 page markers
  • Elastic band fastener
  • Thread-bound book opens flat
  • Stickers for labelling and archiving

The main components of BULLET:

-Index: keep this updated as you go along, there is even room for page numbers
Daily Log: jot down everything you’ve done/need to do and anything else you fancy
Monthly Log: traditional month calendar with room to jot important events
Rapid Logging: symbols that help you note in quick format
Future Log: year-at-a-glance calendar where you can put events, goals, and long-term notes about what needs to be done

 jot down quick notes with symbols to easily categorize and track:

“ • “ next to things you need to do
x” over the bullet to mark to-dos that are now complete
< ” over the bullet to show that that task has been scheduled
> ” to show that the task has been “migrated”
“  for quick thoughts, notes, or smaller events
O ”  to mark big events

BULLET colour
black, nordic blue, emerald