Graph’it Markers (single)

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Graph'it Markers, Fineliners, Brushes

Graph’it markers (single)

Looking for something fresh and unique? Look no further as Graph’it have just released the perfect, modern alternative to your average alcohol based markers! Graph’it markers’ new sophisticated and ergonomic design is a blend of both Paris and London’s top creativity. And with a staggering 158 blendable colours, 11 different skin tones (incl. a new range of greys not found anywhere else) and 20% more ink, the markers are certainly a popular choice amongst artists, designers and crafters!

What makes these markers particularly well-liked is their distinctive triangular shaped body providing extra comfort, control and ease-of-use than the standard round-shaped bodies. The twin-tip medium chisel nib on one end and finer bullet nib on the other are made from superb Japanese quality; ideal for larger or more meticulous pieces.

You can now use a ‘mix’it blending palette’ to blend and mix all the alcohol-based inks.

  • Chisel tip line size: 1 – 7mm
  • Bullet tip line size: 1 – 3mm
  • Grip on each cap to avoid sliding
  • Colour code on each cap end for easy identification

N.B when ordering simply add the quantity desired, add to cart and in the order notes section add the name for each colour. For colour name click on colour chart below:


Graph'it colour chart