Graph'it Markers - Set of 3

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Graph'it Markers, Fineliners, Brushes

Graph’it markers – set of 3

Discover the new Graph’it range sets ideal for those wanting various shades of the same colour. An excellent choice whether you are a beginner or professional looking for markers that will give you countless possibilities. And if your work involves detailed grading then these may just be the perfect choice. The sets are tailored to give you shades that work beautifully together.

What makes these markers particularly well-liked is their distinctive triangular shaped body providing extra comfort, control and ease-of-use than the standard round-shaped bodies. The twin-tip medium chisel nib on one end and finer bullet nib on the other are made from superb Japanese quality; ideal for larger or more meticulous pieces.

  • Chisel tip line size: 1 – 7mm
  • Bullet tip line size: 1 – 3mm
  • Grip on each cap to avoid sliding
  • Colour code on each cap end for easy identification

Sets available:

Black & White : Blender, Neutral Grey 5, Black
Sunny : Citrine, Banana, Mimosa
Vitamin : Apricot, Mango, Halloween
Hair : Honey, Tobacco, Teak
Skin : Flannel, Cotton, Skin
Blush : Nude, Organza, Peach
Candy : Silk, Princess Rose, Camelia
Romantic : Powder, Antik Pink, Plum
Passion : Coral, Tomato, Ruby
Fresh : Antartic, Fresh Mint, Turquoise
Everest : Sky, Celestial, Lapis
Nature : Pistachio, Lime, Tuscany


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Set of 3 Colour
Black & White, Sunny, Vitamin, Hair, Skin, Blush, Candy, Romantic, Passion, Fresh, Everest, Nature