Graph'it Markers - Set of 12

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Graph'it Markers, Fineliners, Brushes

Graph’it markers – set of 12

Enjoy more for less! The new fresh-look 12 piece sets come packaged in a handy black case that has a sliding drawer for easy access. These act as a carry-case, so you’ll never lose that marker again! Graph’it markers come in a comfortable triangular shaped body meaning a full control on your grip. What is more, the fantastic Japanese quality chisel and fine nibs on either end make these the ideal markers for both larger and finer detailed pieces. With more ink per marker than any other popular markers around, you really do get your money’s worth.

  • Chisel tip line size: 1 – 7mm
  • Bullet tip line size: 1 – 3mm
  • Grip on each cap to avoid sliding
  • Colour code on each cap end for easy identification

Sets available:

Classic : Sun, Carrot, Cacao, Azalea, Ruby, Magenta, Iris, Dark Cyan, Submarine, Chlorophyll, Anise, Black
Manga : Sun, Copper, Chocolate, Organza, Skin, Satin, Lipstick, Iris, Bermuda, Normandy, Collgrey 0, Collgrey 5
Wood/Earth : Caramel; Copper, Tobacco, Cappucicino, Cajou, Chocolate, Cognac, Sienna, Wenge, Havana, Cigar, Mocha
Warm Grey : Warm Grey 0 through to Warm Grey 9 plus special Black and a Blender
Neutral Grey : Netral Grey 0 through to Neutral Grey 9 plus Special Black and a Blender
Skin : Almond, flannel, Ghost, Powder, Organza, Nude, Skin, Light Caramel, Silk, Light Caramel, Silk, Satin and a blender
Soft Pastel : Lemon, Cream, Nude, Satin, Princess Rose, Lilac, Orchid, Misty Morning, Sky, Fresh mint and Jasmine
Mixed Grey : Pink Grey 3, Pink Grey 5, Warm Grey 0, Warm Grey 2, Warm Grey 4, Warm Grey 6, Warm Grey 8, Neutral grey 0, Neutral Grey 2, Neutral Grey 4, Neutral Grey 6, Neutral Grey Trend : Capuccino, Peacock, Aqua, Peach, Velvet, Organza, Neutral Grey 4, Indigo, Mint, Apricot, Cigar, Tomato


Graph'it colour chart

Set of 12 Colour
Classic, Manga, Wood/Earth, Warm Grey, Neutral Grey, Skin, Soft Pastel, Mixed Grey, Trend