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Dip pen nib set

Calligraphy. Writing. Drawing or a mix of the 3, choose from this selection and grab yourself a 3 nib set at a fantastic price.

N.B to be used with a nib holder

Calligraphy – Brause has some of the best calligraphy nibs in the world, and with this great selection you’ll find these the ideal sizes for italic and gothic letters. The Bandzug set comes in 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 4mm width to give you a choice of style; each nib also contains an ink reservoir on top.

Writing – ideal for Old English and general Script writing. Choose from 3 classic nibs to produce beautiful monoline lettering: L’ecoliere is just what you need if you are looking for a blend of drawing & calligraphy, Cito Fein provides its user with medium elasticity, whilst Steno is the perfect combination of elasticity and durability – vary the thickness of your writing depending on the pressure applied.

Drawing: three nibs ranging from most flexible to the hardest; suitable for all kinds of drawing or Old English small letters. The extra fine point nib is smooth and elastic so if your style is in favour of illustration and monoline lettering this is just what you may need. It also comes with a high ink capacity. The medium soft nib can be used for very small writing and very thin lines, whilst the hard nib provides super resistance; perfect for those with a strong, bold drawing style.

Mixed: this assortment comes with a flexible drawing nib, a Steno shorthand nib, and a 2mm bandzug nib with reservoir; something for everyone.


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