A3 Ultra-slim LED Light Pad

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A3 Ultra-slim LED Light Pad

This quality MiniSun light pad is perfectly designed for creative professionals in arts, crafts, design, drawing, stencilling and photo work. With a super slim feel, it uses the latest energy saving LED technology with fantastic quality of bright lighting for easy use. You can now enjoy a very comfy and practical approach to all of your inspired needs whether for work or leisure. And now you don’t even need to worry about your light pad heating up as the pad is completely heat free!

Included in the box are rules guides and document clips so your work never gets misplaced.

Key features:

Height: 36cm
Width: 48cm
Depth: 0.8cm
Colour: white
Material: acrylic
Bulb type: LED wattage 4
Cable: 3m with in line on/off switch
Dimmable: no
Bulb Fitting: no
Lead Time: no
Bulb Technology Types: LED
Lumens: 356lm
Bulb Colour Temperature: daylight
Beam Angle: no